Roofbot v1.6.2 [Mod]

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Roofbot v1.6.2 [Mod]

Post  lalinx10 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:42 am

Description :
Guide Roofie through gorgeous, meditative rooftops and try to get the right color energy balls into the proper slots.

But beware, the architecture changes as you interact with it so think ahead - every step you take may lead you closer to the goal, or trap you on the roof forever.

Explore gorgeous audio and fantastic, hand-crafted architecture while trying to figure out ever-more-cunning puzzles.

Work your way up the rooftops and face off against the uber-bots at the top of the tower who greedily funnel all the energy to themselves, causing ever more critical bugs. Only you can save the system from a devastating crash!

GamePlay :

Info :
Mod :

Requirements : Android 4.0+
Size : 70 mb




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