PRIMA Little Image Viewer 2.1

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PRIMA Little Image Viewer 2.1

Post  lalinx10 on Thu May 04, 2017 3:50 pm

Description :

Handling images doesn't necessarily need to be a burdensome task and users might be looking for solutions that would save them from resorting to sophisticated graphics suites. Such as software solution is Little Image Viewer, which was created to offer people an accessible image viewer utility. It will allow them to manage images in their directories, preview them individuality or even extract album art from audio files.

Stylish interface that reminds of more complex graphics suites, but retains accessibility and ease-of-use

The application provides users with an attractive interface that carries a well-designed layout and several dark themes throughout its menus. One will be able to input the preferred image files easily, but unfortunately, when using drag-and-drop techniques, the utility will copy the files when dragging them over its interface.

However, when going past this minor shortcoming, people might appreciate its easy image navigation, on-screen controls for rotating, flipping or resizing the loaded images. Featuring multiple tabs for its different tools, Little Image Viewer allows users to view single images, manage them in their directory, extract images from audio files, preview videos or import photographs directly from a digital camera.

View your favorite photographs with ease, thanks to this accessible utility that offers a slideshow feature

Little Image Viewer will allow one to select multiple images and save them to a slideshow, AVI, or PDF files. Multiple output formats for the AVI video characteristics are available and the PDF exporting allows one to input details such as author, title, etc.

Because of its intuitive handling and easy-to-use features, Little Image Viewer could be a good starting point for novice users who are barely entering the field of image handling and editing. However, having said that, experienced users might not be satisfied with the basic set of features provided by it and might seek alternative solutions.

Good image viewer that will allow users to preview their images with ease and export them to the preferred format

This utility addresses those who seek an easy-to-use image viewer that can allow them to visualize the preferred photographs, export them to multiple formats or set up slideshows. It will offer an accessible package with tools for basic image handling and management. Despite its ease-of-use and straightforward handling, Little Image Viewer might not be sufficient for the requirements of demanding users.

Single image viewing;
Shows all images of a folder as thumbnails with preview;
Read in all audio files of a folder with embedded picture, hear the music and view the pictures;
Size change of pictures;
Save-As-function with format change (e.g., from .TIF into .JPG);
Send an e-mail with an image as attachment;
Copy pictures to the clipboard;
Run animated GIF files;
Notice of the last 20 selected folders;
Video (clip) see play and extract pictures from it.

ScreenShot :

installation :

-Just Install

Info :

Title : PRIMA Little Image Viewer 2.1
Language : English , Deutsch
File Size : 15 mb




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