IceCream Image Resizer 1.50 Multilingual Portable

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IceCream Image Resizer 1.50 Multilingual Portable

Post  lalinx10 on Wed May 31, 2017 3:46 pm

Description :

Icecream Image Resizer - lightweight application that enables you to resize images in batch mode, as well as choose from a wide variety of size presets, such as e-mail or desktop wallpaper. The program supports basic graphic formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG and TIFF. You can set the desired height and width values ​​manually, or by using predefined templates. Image Resizer allows you to quickly add and reduce or increase the size of any number of files.

Depending on their purpose, images come in a wide variety of resolutions and aspect ratios, ranging from those optimized for small mobile screens, all the way up to full-HD pictures suited for wide screen desktop monitors and TV sets.

Resize images in batch mode and choose the desired profile

IceCream Image Resizer is a software utility that enables you to easily resize your photos in bulk, in order to save time and make sure that the new dimensions are the same for each one. You can manually select and add the desired images into the application, or you can load entire folders at once and let the utility automatically detect all of the compatible files.

The supported formats include the most popular extensions you might be using, including JPG, PNG or TIFF. In order to resize a photo, you have to choose the desired resolution profile, or enter it manually into the available fields. These profiles include full-HD desktop resolutions, Facebook cover presets and even iPhone-specific dimensions.

Keep the original aspect ratio and automatically detect the image orientation

The aspect ratio is responsible for how an image is proportioned and it needs to be kept at the same level as the original photo in order to maintain the same quality. IceCream Image Resizer enables you to keep an eye on the aspect ratio settings and automatically modify the width and height of the images to fit the source proportions.

In addition, the application can detect whether an image is portrait or landscape oriented and it can automatically flip its dimensions in order to preserve the aspect ratio and maintain the quality. The operation is performed in the background and it does not slow down the actual procedure.

• Support for Drag-and-drop.
• Ready profiles for performing common tasks.
• Ability to select parameters manually, as well as change only one side of the image (width or height).
• Resize photos, keeping the original proportions of images.
• VR System - system of automatic application of mirror settings for vertical photos.
• Ability to change multiple images at once.
• Add photos in whole folders.

ScreenShots :

installation :

- Just run ImageResizer.1.50.Portable.exe as admin

Note : Change the language in settings

Info :

Title : IceCream Image Resizer 1.50 Portable Multilingual
Language : MultiLanguage
File Size : 35 mb




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